Rabbit Hive’s Success Recap

So all in all, I can honestly say my transition from Zee Hive to Rabbit Hive has been an overwhelming success. I was able to stick with it, I was able to keep generating content, and I’m happy with the new mascot and overall theme.

I removed an entire category worth of stuff that I was going to post, mostly because I feel I don’t want to spread myself too thin, but that was only a minor setback. Honestly, as much as I’d like to post a few recipes and other little odds and ends, I don’t think they would all fit the theme of the site, and I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with some of that stuff.

So, with that in mind, I’m happy with where things are. I’ve been taking a needed break for the past couple days, but otherwise, I’m actually keeping up with my stop motion. I mean, wow! 5 videos in one month! As a reminder, from July 4th to August 7th, I released:

C&C LEGO (Disk Thrower)
Bert and Nick Do Science! (Spaceship Building)
C&C LEGO (Skirmish)
If Action Movies Were Real – The Spy
Minifig Vs. Things – A Cannon

To release so many videos is outstanding, and while I’m going to slow down a little bit for my own sanity, I’m just really happy with the burst of content I’ve had for the past month. I have no plans to stop, either. I have at least 20 more video ideas to work through so far, so there’s a long road ahead.

Welcome to Rabbit Hive

That’s right, Zee Hive is no more!

After a number of years with Zee Hive I decided it was time to make a change. With this change, I have a release schedule for some new content, and I hope to make Rabbit Hive bigger and better than before!

Most of the content is still the same, though I’m hoping to get a jump start on some new videos this month. Feel free to poke around while I continue my efforts to change every zeehive.net link I’ve ever posted to a rabbithive.com one.

My computer brokeded.

Well, specifically the motherboard. I guess I’ll have to take a few months to save up a bit to upgrade my whole rig.

Unfortunately, because the motherboard is from 2011, and I want to upgrade my PC in general, I’m basically in a position where I have to wait. Buying a modern motherboard means I need to buy a new compatible CPU and new RAM, and at that point I’m already halfway there to building a full computer, so I might as well wait and save up.

Oh well!