C&C LEGO: The Expansion Pack – Skirmish02:08

Published on July 19, 2017

Description: In this episode, we explore a Red Alert 2 skirmish map.

About this episode: Whelp, there we go. I made another C&C LEGO video. Honestly, I feel like this is somewhat of a cop-out, but I really enjoyed doing it. I mentioned time and time again that I was done doing C&C LEGO stuff, but after some internal debate that involved a format change, I decided once again to open the books on the series.

Now this isn’t going to be like the rest of the C&C Legos episodes. This series will be shorter episodes with no real storyline to follow. Instead, it will be individual episodes covering specific humorous situations involving individual situations, instead of a huge mission that needs to be accomplished. In some ways, I feel like it is quite similar to the earliest episodes of C&C Legos.

You’ll also notice that to highlight the changes, I’ve changed the logo significantly and am now referring to it as C&C LEGO instead of C&C Legos.