Bert and Nick Do Science! – Episode 3 – Spaceship03:22

Published on August 3, 2017

Description: Nick wants to go to Mars! Can’t get to Mars without a spaceship!

About this video: It’s about time I made another episode of Bert and Nick! Since the last episode, I’ve upgraded my stop-motion setup significantly. New surfaces, new background (the blue sky), etc. This episode also used a significant amount of visual effects (welding, flying, etc), so it took a lot of (aggravating) work to actually bring the episode to completion.

This video actually took three different attempts to make. I took pictures for 90% of the scenes three separate times, as I’d improve my stop motion abilities and suddenly be dissatisfied with the pictures I’d already taken. Here’s an example of three different pictures of the same scene:


In some ways, this episode took the longest and most effort to produce out of any video I’ve ever made before.