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Site History:

This is the story about how Rabbit Hive came about. Although this particular website started in June of 2017, my interest in building a personal blog / video website has had a long, vivid history, at least from my own point of view.

It started back when I was in high school. My friend at the time, Joe, showed me a link he had stumbled across, to a webpage called (now defunct). The page featured two guys, Matt “DHermit” Pollitt, and Kyle “Vile Kyle” Fasanella. They made videos that I absolutely loved, my personal favorite being one called “Flux Capacitor II.” To this day, I really have no idea what the point was of that video, but to be honest, I don’t know if they had any idea either, so fair is fair.

Anyway, at the time, I was probably 14 or 15 when it originally came out (it’s been since re-uploaded to Vimeo). When I watched these guys videos, I was hooked. I thought they were really funny guys, who did really fun things together, and I wanted to do something like that.

So, sometime soon after, I created a site called “THTUK,” the domain of which I won’t post here because whoever bought the old domain may have put up porn or spyware or some garbage. It’s switched hands many times. Anyway, I used this site for personal blogs, feelings, and the occasional video that I made with that friend Joe that I mentioned.

A few years later, I created a site called “Hypnotic-Art,” which was more or less a waste of time. It was supposed to be a place where I put videos and other materials, but I never created any content. I created a second website called “Blog Wasp,” which was a pretty boring blog about my personal life. It disappeared pretty quickly. I joined the Marines and pretty much stopped paying attention to it entirely.

And then, when I got home in 2011, I created Zee Hive. Since creating it, I’ve actually developed it into something worth checking out. I made videos with some newer friends, mainly Dominic (who I’m not friends with anymore, basically since I moved away from my former home in California), who you can see in some of the videos. This time, the videos were inspired by another group of funny people (who are also defunct) who as a group went by the name “Balloonshop.” This video was hugely, HUGELY inspired by their work.

I settled into Zee Hive pretty well. I made sketch videos, I’ve made stop motion videos, I’ve posted blogs, and I’ve posted some pictures. I overhauled the site a few times, but never felt quite comfortable with the progress I had made on making the site look good. A few years later, in late 2016, I considered a change, though I wasn’t sure of what direction I wanted to go in. Inspired by the movie Zootopia, I wound up becoming fascinated with Rabbits, and while considering Rabbit Hive as a replacement concept for Zee Hive, I decided to pick a mascot. The red-eyed rabbit mascot was based on the concept of the Blood Hare, a minecraft-based faction of NPC’s that I came up with on a whim. In some ways, it’s a fair amount of silly nonsense, but it ultimately led to what this website has become.

Let’s hope it becomes something nice, eh?