Game Design

New Direction

Although I’m not sure who even follows this blog anymore, I feel like it’s important to keep up with it, otherwise there’s a significant waste of the domain name. Although, let’s be honest, I’ve been doing a pretty poor job of that.

With the cancellation of the newest C&C game a little over a year ago, I went through a bit of change in my opinion and feelings towards Command and Conquer altogether. I know that a lot of the work I do has been centered around it, from designing that Tiberium RPG, to all the stop motion I have done in the past. Frankly, I think I realized after finishing the 5th season of the C&C Legos series that I’m just tired of Command & Conquer.

I thought I wasn’t. I thought I would appreciate the dwindling series longer than most, but frankly, after pouring so much into it for so long, I felt like I was stuck. Everything I did revolved around the game. I mean, I got really far into designing a pixel-based game. I was done designing the maps, I had a story, I had characters, I had a mission list, outline, I was honestly in the scripting, which is the last stage (in my opinion) of the main design process.

One day though, I started fooling around with UDK (Unreal Development Kit). UDK is a 3D game creation program of sorts, and frankly, after spending ONE day working with it, I felt like my entire interest in my previous game design, and C&C on the whole, was shattered. I stopped working on the game entirely that day, and I honestly haven’t even opened up the project since. It was a good couple years worth of work, and for whatever reason, I don’t feel bad about leaving it behind.

I started fiddling with 3D design instead, and honestly, I’m happy with where that is going. I started modelling a prison complex for a game idea, and unfortunately lost everything after having my computer crash, when I made some poor decisions on attempting to restore data, which led to deleting more than I expected. However, it was a good time to start fresh.

I’ve spent some time playing games, seeing what I like, seeing what I don’t like, and I think I have an idea for what kind of game I would like to create. So, in the interest of progress, here is a 3D model I’ve been working on since yesterday. This is the very first model that will go into the game:



It’s a space base! Or at least part of one. It’s untextured, and I’m about 90% done with the attached components. I plan on building a map that contains a few rows of these things side by side, and they’ll be used in a Mars setting.


This time, I hope to actually push on with this project. I’m learning 3D animation pretty quickly, and I hope to have this done within a day or two. I think the 3D part is the hard part, but we’ll see how texturing it goes!


For those of you actually sticking around to read this blog, thanks, I suppose. Although I assume most of you who read this either stumbled across it accidentally or are checking in on what I’ve been up to, I suppose I can be thankful you’re here anyway.