Misc Comedy Videos

I don’t know why I never posted this.

Okay, well, here’s the story.  On this facebook page for Trick Scooters International (A scooter company or store of some sort, I don’t know scooters at all), this kid posted a video about his ‘friend’ who wanted a sponsorship of some kind.  Now, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve taken the liberty of posting this video here.  Sorry Germans.  You can’t see this, because of Youtube’s stupid rules.

(Please keep in mind I don’t know these people)

Now, what makes it great, is that this kid was basically told “NO” by Trick Scooters International on the basis that this kid sorta sucks and just shreds that tiny box. Because of the great entertainment value generated by this video, I took it upon myself to make my own sponsorship video, which you will see below (unless you’re German):

I hope the kid got the hint, even though I’m MUCH worse.

On another note, this is a stupid ass song. Do girls really do this? Why would a girl say “Fool, your royal penis is clean!” ? I don’t… I just don’t get it. (EDIT September 28th, 2011: Turns out that it’s a joke of a song, never mind my stupidity)