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New Cast

This ought to be good. 🙂 (Click the image to see the full size) From left to right:  Flint Westwood, Arnie Frankenfurter, and Sammy Stallion

What I’m up to!

Big month! HUGE month! I’ve got a lot on my plate. Curious to know what I’m up to? I’ll tell you. This is my to-do list: Edit and render a …

Picture Time!

So, an awesome friend of mine, Wren152, has come up with an artistic creation.  At her request, I gave her an idea for something to draw, and this wonderful masterpiece …

Dat Rat can JUMP.

So, this rat’s name is Theresa. Unlike the older one, Via, she can jump. Pretty damn far.

Improving Frame Rates

So, as you’ll see in the video below, I am updating the frame rate on the Lego Videos I make. It should be an improvement, I think with regular use …

Lego Stuff

So, this is one of my creations for my Tiberium Legos series over at

The Future of this site

Clearly, this is just a cheap imitation of the site I had up and running about three years ago. Well, it’s my goal to improve significantly on the failed effort …

Greenscreen test.

This is my first time using a greenscreen.  I think I did pretty good.

Getting my Rat today.

But I have to drive to San Jose. Man, this is really gay. I’ll have to deal with traffic the whole way. Fuck living in the bay. Well, at least …

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