Einstein and relativity

Lately, I’ve been getting into Einstein and his theory of relativity, when I, uhh… conceived a thought experiment (can’t think of the right words to describe this, so I’m referring to it as a “thought experiment”).

Now, as most of us know, Einstein’s theory of relativity emphasizes that if something is traveling at the speed of light, time slows down relative to the entity that is traveling.

Logically, this means that if you had a twin, and you hopped on-board a light-speed ship for a couple years while your twin stayed at home, once you made your journey and returned, you would have aged much slower than your twin.

Also, if your twin turned an endless flashlight on, and shined it at your ship as you sped away at light speed, you would never see the light, because your speed would match the light, and you’d constantly be escaping. If you had walkie talkies and your stationary twin tried to send you a message, you’d never receive it, because radio travels at the speed of light.

Now, here’s where my “thought experiment” comes in.

Let’s assume there’s a “Large Human Accelerator,” that could safely accelerate a human to the speed of light. The human would remain conscious, healthy, etc. For all intents and purposes, we’re assuming that at the speed of light, the human would essentially be moving forward through time more slowly than the stationary accelerator around him, and the control center running the accelerator. Also, for the sake of this situation, lets assume the control center is at the center of the accelerator.

Now, the control center and the human have a walkie talkie with which they are communicating.

Assuming the control sender sends out radio messages, what does the light-speed human hear?

Here’s a visual graphic.


The red dot represents the light-speed traveler. The red ring represents the radio signal, also traveling at the speed of light. The blue box is the origin of the signal, the yellow ring is the accelerator and path of the human traveling at light speed.

Now, the theory is that because the human is traveling at light speed, time should slow for him, and as such, when he exits the accelerator after a a year or two, he’ll be just a few years older, whereas those in the radio room may very well be dead of old age.

But, if radio communication travels at the speed of light, and he is an equal distance from the source of the communication for the entirety of his time in the accelerator, what would he hear?

And thus is my thought experiment. What are your opinions? Does anyone need clarification? Am I completely misinterpreting the theory of relativity?

Stop motion updates.

So I know I have posted like a zillion updates in the past that said “I’m going to make this video!” and “I’m going to do this project!” and they’ve all pretty much gone down the dumps.

One of the biggest issues I’ve had when it comes to making stop motion projects is that I have very little incentive to create them. Yes, in a perfect world, I’d do nothing but create them for my own entertainment, but there’s no financial sustainability in that regard.

As such, I’ve officially decided to go the route of monetization. I’m going to build a new channel from the ground up, and basically start from scratch. This does not mean I will remove my current videos, nor does it mean any real change for this site. Here’s what it does mean, is that due to monetization, all work must be my own – This basically means I can no longer used obvious copyright materials and IPs and the like. No more C&C related videos. No Terminator series. I’ll have to use independent ideas. This isn’t necessarily a big deal, it just means I need to restructure some of the ideas I’ve already had.

I’m also visiting some old concepts that I once thought of when I was a bit younger.

When I was… oh, 16 or so, I had the brilliant idea for a spinoff series from “Red Alego” called “Teenage Einstein.” Oh boy, would that have been a wreck. Anyway, recently, I revisited the concept, and I have instead began production on another series called “Bert and Nick Do Science.” It’s basically a multi-episode science series (first series without guns!) that will feature the young-adult versions of Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla performing silly (and mostly fictional) experiments. Occasionally, they’ll be interrupted by their equally intelligent adversary, Mary (Marie Curie).

I’ll also be redesigning the war series I’ve been considering, along with Blue Team Go! getting a reboot as a whole. I’d also like to do some other things, but it will take some real planning (of which I’ve been doing a lot of). I expect to have the first video out in 1-2 months, after which I fully intend on releasing a new video every week or two, depending on how quickly I can pump them out. Additionally, I will rebuild and release most of the videos I’ve mentioned in the past. I’ll honestly be recreating already-made videos (Expect a Bert and Nick version of White Hole), but I’ll try to make them more entertaining by giving the videos more personality.

And hey, in the spirit of adding a picture to each post, here’s one for Bert and Nick Do Science: